While we try and do as much as possible in-camera, nowadays there is always the option to edit images after they have been taken. This allows us more flexibility with location and composition, which will in turn give you a better image at the end of the day. Whether it's a facelift or a fence-line that needs some adjustment, we use state of the art software to make your images really shine. We can also source stock library images or re-touch any you supply to us.


Whether you're trying to match your colours to keep within your company colour-scheme, or just need to add a little more warmth to a chilly scene for your social media images, we can help with industry-standard colour matching for print and screen that can make the world of difference.


How many times have you attended a presentation to find that the speaker is let down by the quality of their slide presentation? We’ve lost count! With images that are professionally produced and on-brand, we can help you to create presentation slides that are every bit as engaging as your speech and remain true to your brand identity.

Film & animation

An increase in demand for website-embedded promotional or instruction videos and drone filming has led to the popularity of our film making services. Our film and editing crew can create video shorts that add another dimension to your web presence and demonstrate your offerings to a wider market. Animations and project visualisations can also be presented through film and we offer a number of stylistic approaches, depending on your preferences.


We art-direct photo shoots to get the best results from your photo-shoot on the day, and take every care to ensure you have the right file types after the event for your chosen purpose, whether this be print production or  online use.

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