As part of a digital marketing service, video forms an important aspect of an online identity. Whether to simply produce content for your company or to increase your digital presence, it's swiftly becoming an essential.

In partnership with our friends at RAW Pictures, we're pleased to able to offer a total video suite as part of your marketing solutions.


Video can be used in a number of different ways to benefit your business. From a homepage video to promote the business to social media adverts to catch people's eyes, great video content can work wonders to promote your business. A whole range of video suite packages are available to you to suit all your digital needs.


While a sweeping drone shot can give your business that Hollywood look, a testimonial video added to this can help showcase why your clients value your business and convey a more personal note in a more believable format than a written quote. Our camera operatives are all CAA certified drone pilots and have a wealth of experience in aerial filming. This will bring another angle to your business.


In the same way that stop-frame animation has brought the likes of Nick Park's 'Wallace and Grommit' to life, we can provide digital or live action stop frame animation to add to your company's video based offerings.


Need to shout about your business on social networks but don't have the time to manage it all on a regular basis? We work with business owners and their teams through group and private mentoring, strategy and training programmes to transfer our specialist knowledge and ideas so that you can take full control of your social media. This will help to boost  your brand awareness and achieve increased exposure and results.


If you have an event coming up, why not shout about it by commissioning a short film that can be easily spread by social networks? We can arrange for our film crew to attend your event and capture the best footage to embody the ethos of your organisation and help to promote future events to your potential customers.

We hope we've whetted your appetite for more. If so...